PA Translation

PA translation strengthens your global communication in the languages you want in order for your message to be understood correctly!

  • We translate all types of documents to / from almost all languages.
  • We work with experienced translators who know the industry and who take while translating, the language and culture into account.
  • We offer qualitative translations within almost all areas. This includes economics and law, technology, medical, marketing and advertising, politics, culture and education.
  • We use exclusively native translators, all texts are quality assured by proofreading, which is done by someone other than the translator itself. PA TRANSLATION delivers professional language solutions for both business and private.

GIVE US A CHANCE – Our quality and performance will convince you.


Make sure your text is completely clear and proofread before sending it for translation. If you need help with proofreading or editing your text, we will be happy to help you.

Do not wait for the translation until last minute, but plan the process as soon as possible so that the translation does not need to be speeded up in a short period of time.

Send your text in a Word document. PDF files, scanned documents and other image files are more time consuming to work on and can therefore result in longer delivery time.

Please enclose accompany reference material in form of images, previous translations or other material that can help the translator understand the text and avoid misunderstandings.

GIVE US A CHANCE – Our quality and performance will convince you.

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